About This Blog

This is the blog for Harris Educational and Bennett M. Harris (the guy behind Harris Educational.)  My goal is to promote a lifelong love of learning.  To do this I try to support educators, students, and hobbyists with interesting, educational, and entertaining articles about:

  • Education (STEM Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)
  • Open Source Software (especially for use in Schools and by Educators and Educational Developers)
  • Reinventing Science Kits (ways to use our kits in schools, home school, the science fair, and by hobbyists)
  • CNC Machining (tips, tricks, and how-to)
  • “Identify It” a semi regular feature split between this blog and our page on facebook.
  • and more…

I  invite you to take interest in our articles, comment on them, and share.   Please also check out our fan page on Facebook™,  videos on Youtube™,  free PDF downloads on Scribd™, and other resources available throughout our social media network.

About Harris Educational

The Harris Educational Logo: Building Better Education

The Harris Educational Logo: Building Better Education

Harris Educational is a small educational company located in North Carolina in the USA.  We are proud to be the originator and manufacturer of   “Reinventing Science” kits.  Reinventing Science is a best selling line of science kits  that integrate history and invention along with science and mathematics.   Kit users recreate the experiments that lead to the great inventions in engaging and fun hands-on experiments.   Harris Educational also provides services including:

  • Workshops and Training
  • eLearning and multimedia development (including Video)
  • Instructional Design and Educational Development
  • Specialized manufacturing services for educational product distributors
  • Marketing and Social Media support for educational product manufacturers and distributors
  • Free Resources for Educators, Students, and Hobbyists

Our Mission: To excite young minds (and older young minds) and inspire them to DO science, math, and technology!

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