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Identify It! Contest (3 ways to win)

Harris Educational is offering a free tee shirt as a prize in our Identify It Challenge! There are three ways to win. We will be giving a free tee shirt to the 1500th fan of our Fan Page on Facebook. Once we reach our 1500th fan we will pick one of our other 1499 fans at random and give them a free tee shirt as well. You can also win by sending us your own photograph of an interesting science or technology item that we can use for a future Identify It Challenge. If we pick your photograph to use then you also win a free tee shirt.

How to Play:

Like our fan page and become a fan (http://www.facebook.com/HarrisEducational).  Help us get more fans by suggesting our page to everyone on your friends list. We want to grow by word of mouth, not by paying for advertising so we rely upon our fans to spread the message. We’ve found that the best way to get people to join is to use the “suggest to friends” link that can be found under our profile picture on the top left hand side of the page. You can also use the “share” button on any story to post that story to your wall (or to share the page to your wall). If you don’t like that then just telling your friends by word of mouth is always great. Even if you add just one fan you are helping us out a lot!

To submit a photograph for use in our identify it challenge simply send the photograph as an attachment to ben . harris @ harris – educational . com (take out the spaces, and notice the . and the -) Along with the photo please send a description of what the item is, how it worked, and hopefully a story about how you got the item or where you took the picture. The item should be something that many people wouldn’t interact with knowingly on a daily basis but not something so obscure that only you and your sister have ever seen one. In other words we don’t want to stump the world but rather teach people something new about the scientific and technical world around them and have a little fun in the process.

By sending us a photo and story you are giving us permission to post that photograph and story on our Fan page, on our Blog, and to promote via other online means.

This Week’s Identify It Item!

"Vacuum Tubes are Cool" Tee Shirt by Harris Educational

"Vacuum Tubes are Cool" Tee Shirt by Harris Educational

In the mean while, here is an example of one of our Tee Shirts, our latest design from our store on Printfection. (see http://www.printfection.com/Reinventing-Science/Retro-Electronics/_s_370253)

Until we get some fan made identify it pictures THIS is your identify it picture for this week. Yes these are vacuum tubes… but can you identify what kind? What they were for? Where they were used? Can you ID the part number or brands? (show your support of Harris Educational and share this tee shirt and this contest with your friends!)  Submit your answers to the comments for the photo on our fan page.

Stay tuned for answers about these tubes AND for annoucements of winners to the contest.

Chances of winning are roughly 2-# of  submissions for Identify It that we use out of 1500+ (pretty good odds).

Thanks for Playing and thanks for being a fan of Harris Educational