A New Feature for our Fan Page and Blog!

Starting soon we’ll be introducing a new semi-regular interactive feature that will cross over between our Fan Page on Facebook and this blog. The new feature is called “Idenify It!” We’ll post a picture (or sometimes a video clip) of an item that relates to science, math, technology, or invention. Then you have a day or two to figure out what that item is and post your answer as a comment to the fan page. You can answer by just naming the object or if you know more then include as much detail as you can.

We’ll respond and let you know if you were right or wrong. A day or two later we’ll post an in-depth answer to our blog that describes the object, its origin, history, and significance. We’ll include links to related information.

Our goal is to provide our readers with a little fun, a little challenge, and a little knowledge.

You can also take part by sending us pictures of objects and ask us to guess their significance.  If its cool enough then we’ll use your picture and make it the next “Identify it!” object.

We also plan another new feature that will sometimes dovetail into “Identify It!” that for now we are calling “Technology Dissection” In Technology Dissection we’ll take apart a piece of technology and document that process with pictures and video. We’ll discuss how the object was made, what its parts do, and how it might have evolved. i.e. how similar technology works today vs. how it worked when it first was made.  When we do a dissection we’ll probably include some part from the dissection as the “Identify it!” object for that week.

Your feedback is welcome as are your suggestions for “Identify It!” objects and for Technology Dissection items.

“Identify It!” entries will be tagged as “Identify It!” here on our blog and will go into an album on our Facebook Fan Page also called “Identify It!” Keep an eye out on our Facebook Fan Page at http://www.facebook.com/HarrisEducational for our first “Identify It!” later this week!

Thanks for reading!


2 responses to “A New Feature for our Fan Page and Blog!

  1. This sounds awesome!

  2. Joseph Williams

    Waiting with bated breath!

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