Hello World: Introducing the New Harris Educational Blog!

Hello World, this is our first blog post!

Our goal for this blog is to be a kind of hub for all of our online activities.  Here we will post articles, stories, and links relating to a wide range of topics that should interest anyone who loves science, education, or open source software.   This may seem like an eclectic mixture on the surface but as we post content you’ll find that each of these threads weave together to form a unified tapestry.   Science, education, and open source software (and their related technologies) have been a passion in my life and I hope to share and contribute so that others may enjoy, learn, and be inspired to DO more of these things themselves.

At Harris Educational our goal is “Building Better Education” and our mission is exciting young minds (and older young minds) and inspiring them to DO science, math, and technology!

In addition to the free content we provide to educators, students, experimenters, and hobbyists through our network of social media Harris Educational is also the proud originator and manufacturer of “Reinventing Science” kits, a best selling line of science kits that integrate invention and history along with science and mathematics.

To learn more about Harris Educational check out the “about” tab at the top of our blog.

To learn more about Reinventing Science Kits check out the “Science Kits” tab at the top of our blog.

In addition to reading our blog, we encourage everyone to follow us on twitter, become a fan of our facebook fan page (where we post daily articles and links), check out our videos on youtube, and take a look at some of our documents on scribd.

Also if you like what we are doing help support us by purchasing a Reinventing Science kit or one of our Science and Invention themed Tee Shirts at our Printfection store.

We encourage feedback and sharing and hope to build a community of like minded people who are interested in education, love science and technology, and have a curiosity about Open Source software.  Thanks for reading and please check back regularly as we add new pages, new blog entries, and more information!


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